Computer problems abound so this maybe the last update until further notice.

What you see here is what I believe to be the last hand drawn Ravy Comic. This was one of three comics I did in a three year period. Too busy playing Final Fantasy 6.

At the time I was with the 82nd CSE in Camp Edwards, Korea. I think I did it while pulling C.Q.  in a valiant effort to keep myself awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. When you're that tired, and that full of caffeine, you come up with some weird things.

There's an in-joke I probably should explain. Years earlier Cole had built himself a spa. It was the biggest one ever. Okay, maybe the fifth biggest. In fact a group of Navy Seals mistook it for a beach head.

How many of you might remember those Nissan commercials form the Nineties? Specifically that one where a truck pulls a submarine out of the ocean. Unfortunately I was unable to find it at YouTube or Google.

There are some out there who just don't believe I have been drawing Ravy for twenty years. This should help set the record straight. But there are those smear merchants out there that won't quit. I just laugh at them. They're a narcissistic lot who get jollies out of flaming people for no reason.

For those of you who continue to come here day after day, thank you.




Topic: lol

Comments: flamebaiting the true legends because you could't use them as a tool
to get easy fame?? lol you are that desperate for some attention?



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