If the movie is taking awhile to load, scroll down and you can see me blether on about a deleted scene.


I took this scene out to save on space. If I had kept it the file size size would had been around 3-4 MB. Not a problem if you have a high speed connection, but it can be troublesome if you have dial up. I know not everybody coming here has the speediest of connections.

In this I was trying to parody the ending to Sailor Moon R. It took forever to find an instrumental version of Maiden's Policy. I wanted that version to keep with the other instrumentals I was using. Then on the other hand, the version I found wasn't very good. It sounds like someone used a flute in place of the vocals.

Instead of using the text tool in Flash, I used my web editor to do the scrolling text. Which seemed like a good idea at the time. The version up there to me looks pretty good. Unless you have to fix a mistake or make a change because of further research. I typed everything out and took a screen shot and imported that to Flash. Later I found out I had forgotten a song, left out the word 'to' in Electronic Tribute to Pink Floyd, then changed the order of the songs, and changed the name of a couple to more recognizable versions. So I then switched to the Flash text tool. Easier, and smarter.

By the way, the songs Flameman: Master of Flame by Evil Horde I got from Over Clocked Remixes and Megaman 3 Power Up by Aphelion-Run I got at Newgrounds.

I was going to put a cityscape behind Roll. I took while to find one. The one I wanted to use I couldn't find. The one during the training scenes of Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I had to play the game and record it. By the time I got done with that part I said screw it and dumped it.

I had gotten done all the way through to Scouticon Venus when I noticed a problem: the song still had a couple of minutes to go. I had already shaved of about a minute of what I really wanted. I was stuck, I didn't know what to do. Then like the guy trying to figure out where the sun went when it set, I figured it out: combine the deleted ending with this one. I was wanting to use the Megaman 4 ending style of the scrolling bars to fill in the empty space, but didn't want to spend a month trying to get it to look good. I still haven't figured out the stars yet.

The whole time I was doing that I kept putting off another problem: I used standard black to outline my characters and as background fill. So several details wouldn't show up. I could have done it the easy way and just changed the fill. But that's not me. I changed the black on all the characters.

I'm still making changes. While writing the last few lines. I changed the head on Scouticon Saturn. Originally  she turned her head away and now she continues to face left.