And Now Presenting: Ass Zombies.


Many the expert has said one of the most important features of a web site is the title bar. You should place the most pertinent information there so search engines can index it better.

Of course I'm not one to pay attention to those who are alot smarter than me.

Last year one of the local newspapers ran a "bad cartoon" contest. I was all over that. I must have been one of a few to actually send some in because I was chosen to be published. I guess I can toot my own horn here and say this: How many sprite comics can say that they have been published in a newspaper without having to pay the advertising fees?



To be included on the same page with Ass Zombies, I'm honored.

 I sent in six cartoons, all five of Mayor's Aid Plea Agreement and the only up for a couple days 2009 Halloween comic. To be honest, I really wanted the Halloween comic published, just hoping that someone would ask what all the costumes are.



I was really wanting to publish the Ass Zombies cartoon so you all could see it, but do to copyright reasons I can't.

I can hear you now: "BULLS**T! You routinely post other people's comics!" Yes, I do. Here's the difference: You see, Dave Anez lives a couple thousand miles away from me. In order to sue me he will have to file in the superior court of his state. Then go through the superior court of my state. A very expensive proposition. However, VK Cleary can go to any phonebook, find my address, and beat the crap out of me.

 So instead I'll do my own Ass Zombies and tweak it to my twisted humor style.