The Sprite Cemetery Annex.
Ravy Comics Free Use Sampler.

Ravy Comics Free Use. Becky Bell 2003a Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Becky Bell 2003b Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Cammy Quin 2003 Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Foxy 2003 Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Op Stone 2003 Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Toni Bell 2003 Free Use.

Ravy Comics Free Use. Becky Bell 2004a Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Becky Bell 2004b Free Use. Ravy Comics Free Use. Becky Bell 2004 misc and unused Free Use. Ravy Comics 2004: Cammy Quin. Free Use. Ravy Comics 2004: Foxy. Free Use. Ravy Comics 2004: Op Stone. Free Use. Ravy Comics 2004: Penny. Free Use.

Ravy Comics Free Use. Jeseka "Negaman" Neighamin. Ravy Comics Free Use. Headmaster Dorothy. Ravy Comics Free Use. Headmaster Kagemaru. Ravy Comics Free Use. Headmaster Francesca. Ravy Comics Free Use. Donald Trump.

All original characters are copyright me, Joe Pullin. All borrowed characters and backgrounds are copyright their original owners. I intend absolutely no theft or infringement upon your work. I do this purely for whatever entertainment value you might get out of it.

I would now like to give thanks to the following people:

Berkeley Breathed, Jim Davis, Gary Larson, Bill Maudlin, Mark Baker, Naoko Takeuchi, Hitoshi Okuda, Kaishaku, Jean Auel,
Terry Pratchett, Clive Cussler, Bob, Tom, Johnboy AND Billy for being my personal inspiration.

Dave Anez, Rick O’Shay, Deccus, Holly-Beth Kraft, JDavis, Kittykaboom, and Umiliphus for inspiring me to restart Ravy after it had been dead for many years.

Rosario Vampire, Rosenkreuzstilette, Discworld Noir, and Zook the Hero Z for the inadvertent SEO.

Sprites Inc, Shyguy Kingdom, Spiter's Resource, The People's Sprites, Zelda’s Fox 38, Jason Shifferd, Isemiya and Womi, ACE_Spark, AkumaTh, Amigis, Bendalin, Big Papa Sonic, BPM, Bob and George Sprite Forum, Bob and George Mall, Crimson Arachnid, chubb9000, DBZGTrunks, Dokll, Duke, Flat Footed Boy, Gamerman, Kailiaenn, Krawnik, mjkrzak, Magic Man, MSP, Ran, Mark Redington, Semijuggalo, Silverbolt, Son Goharotto, Tanman, Tiberius, Tonberry 2K, Trev, Umbrae, Unknown, WataWorks, Xander son of Xereus, Zephiroth X 3000, ZinDinTimeYUM, Angel Soft, Banpresto, Capcom, NASA, Nintendo, and  Microsoft, for the use of your characters, backgrounds, or objects. United States coin image [or images] from the United States Mint. If I used your work and did not give you credit, that means you were mentioned earlier or I cannot locate your name. Please drop me a line so I can give you proper credit.

Liss for helping me realize I should just come up with my own website.

Microsoft for the operating systems and applications I use to make Ravy Comics and for letting me waste bandwidth.

To those who took lots of free time to program emulators. Which make sprite comics possible.
(How many of them are now working on time machines to go back and undo it all?)

To Mike, who just had be mentioned.

To my Mom, for having been my biggest fan at a time when I really really sucked.

There are numerous images used on this site that are under variations of the Creative Commons License. It must be said that the original creators of such works do NOT in any way shape, matter, or form endorse Ravy Comics, its subsidiary comics, and websites.
That Ravy Comics does not in any way, shape, matter, or form endorse them.

Term of Use Agreement:

If your art is on my site I now own it lock, stock, and barrel. IT'S MINE! ALL MINE!

Just kidding.
(I wonder how many of those that don't get intended sarcasm are going to fall for that.)

I realize that this is the internet. If I didn't want people to take stuff off of my sites I chose the absolutely worse place to put it.
So, you may, without my permission, move files from the temporary internet folders and/or browser cache
on your hard drive to another folder.


You may, without my permission, to manually download content from Ravy Comics and its subsidiary websites.
You may then, without my permission, upload content to the forum, blog, or other such site for commentary, questioning,
or general bad mouthing.

However I will still retain the rights to my original work.

If you're somebody that for some strange reason thinks my sprite work is moderately neat-o enough for you to use,
go ahead, there's nothing I can do to stop you. As a matter of fact you should
a little ways to see me finally keep a promise I made many years ago about this very subject.

Ravy Comics, its subcomics, websites, and all original material copyright 2019 by Joe Pullin.

Any questions, don't call me, I'll call you.

A proud(?) member of the family of websites.

Just doing what we do best: rib, riff, poke, prod, irritate, obfuscate, demoralize, and overall fanning the flames of malcontent.

Did you know there were some people that actually fell for that prank of me saying I was going to sue if my stuff was on another site?

If you got the intended sarcasm click the video.