When making up an alien culture I can get away with all kinds of weird stuff.
Phonetically spelled first names, German sounding last names,
interplanetary travel, no DNA testing, wrists that bend in a way no human's can...

Amy Rose and Metal Amy by Bendilin, Daniel Sidney, and Ren "Foxx" Ramos. Nack the Weasel by Bendilin and Daniel Sidney. Ravy Comics 2004: Cammy Quin. Free Use. http://panelmonkey.org/html/osama-bin-laden-by-bendilin.html Sephiroth. Final Fantasy Six Style. By Bendilin. Sonia the Hedgehog by Bendilin. Tikal the Echidna by Bendilin and Daniel Sidney. Vivi Ornitier by Bendilin.

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