Uni is one of the original three who goes way, waaaaaaay back to the very beginning.


This goes back many years. A guy called a radio show to plug his own radio show. The title was mostly in Japanese with the word "no" in it. The caller explained to the host that "no" meant "field."
While one translation of "no" does indeed mean this, but the context in which it was used really means "of."


I gave that show a try and gave up after three episodes.
The hosts kept going on and on about unrelated topics and inserted meaning into anime
that was never even there to begin with. Plus they kept giving the wrong meanings of Japanese words.


In 2012 I did a comic where Toki explains the name Daisukino. I used Kanji for the "Daisuki" part and the Hiragana version for "no." That is typically used to mean "of." So the family name literally means "of love."
So there's should be "no" confusion.


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