Unfortunately the current cesspool of politicians sees
immigration reform as a means of scoring political points.


I did step inside a Nevada brothel once. It totally creeped me out.
Especially that part where the women lined up.
There were several African American women in that line.
A white guy inspecting a line of Blacks to buy one.
I nearly threw up. I thought we stopped doing that bullshit back in the 1860's.


When I was in Korea I talked to a number of of the foreign women working in the "Drinky Girl" clubs.
The scenario outlined in the above comic is very close to the stories I was told.


The kind of thing that went on in Korea had been going on for many decades.
Interestingly enough it wasn't until the Russian women came in during the
late 90's that fucking American command decided to do something about it.
When the American looking white chicks show up.
I call bullshit.


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