Comics like this require research. I go back into the archive to find one or two comics and
I usually wind up reading the entire year or more.
Sometimes I have a good laugh. Mostly it's "What was I thinking?" and "How did I make that effect?"


Honestly I don't know why I did this. Getting distracted onto other plots is a problem of mine.
I do better next year. At least the Rosario Vampire, Galaxy Angel, and The Killer Tomato Squad bits
are done within the year. Mostly.


On scenes involving one character I try to have them move around as most as possible
to prevent the reader from becoming even more board.


Okay, so far I haven't been able to get to it. Currently I'm distracted on Megaman Vs Woodman.
So here is why Toki is squinting: her contacts are dry.


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If you're taking any of this seriously, here is what you need to do:
Take a deep breath and hold it until I can get to you.