Koiko's sprite at 1x is only a little shorter than her mother Hanako at 1x.
The stretchiness aspect refers to the anime Azu Manga Daioh.


Two jokes going on here: The first refers to the beginning of 2013 where
Yume tries and mostly succeeds at being a professional actor despite the constant interruptions.
Here she does crack up at the second joke referencing a fanfic I wrote many, many, many years ago
where Megaman X tries to speak Spanish to Sutako/Koiko.
By the way, "kei" is how you spell "what" in Japanese.


Ravy's feet are in what I call the Bloom County Stance.
As soon as I find that ONE Bloom County comic...
The spell checker on my web editor accepts "stretchiness" and not "Ravy?"


When designing Jeseka I used the gym girl outfit as more of a reference for the shape of her body.
I was going to put her in something else and never got around to it. It did set up a rather long running gag
about her boyfriend using microscopic spy drones to take pictures of her butt and put them on the big screen.
Ravy relents to Koiko's demands because if she goes, he has to take her place.
Yep, that means wearing her costume along with the bloomers.


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