I admit it, it takes me so damn long to get through a story.


Want to hear a long drawn out story about how I originally did this as a Flash video but because it was over 30MB and iPads don't support Flash that I went with HTML5 instead and all the trouble it was to convert it to three different formats because not all browsers support the same formats therefore the combined file sizes are bigger than 30MB and the reason why the audio clip is separate is because at the time I built a new computer and wanted to hold off installing Flash to add audio and that meant all the work I just did in conversion would have to be redone and that I was pulling my hair out because when I posted the movie it would not play on the live web because I had forgotten to upload the files?
No? Okay.


The title of this one works best if you hover your cursor over the middle panel.


I'm currently make comics about a year out. So right now I just finished April 2014's run.


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