I had a joke planned for those spots on Uni's sides. As usual I forgot to do it.


I made a radiant effect with a silhouette of Uni and partially faded it into the background.


Comics like this take a lot longer to make than you would think.
Mostly because of the fact I got distracted reading over the entire year.


I have to admit that I have a tendency to too taken too much time to ramble on and getting distracted plus forgetting and having to do extensive amounts of research then there is this obscure Japanese video game that just demanded intense scrutiny and comic book about a vampire chick and her adventures in a high school for monsters recently the purchase of several new websites and learning how to program in CSS and HTML5 and trying to get this old British point and click game to work on Windows 8 and of course this homebrew knockoff Chinese game that was actually better than some games made by professionals ..... ....... .......


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