Rosario Vampire. Moka + Tsukune + Mizore. Oblivious to the obvious.
Universal rule of sprite comics: invert personalities.

Rosario Vampire. Moka + Mizore. Of course she head THAT.
Pink can be smart. Then there's that one trait which negates the intelligence.
A deleted version of this comics has Mizore mumbling her lines.
I always thought, how can she speak so clearly with that lollipop in her mouth all the time?

Rosario Vampire. Moka + Mizore. I wonder what would happen if you were to just pull that lollipop right out of her mouth.
Clumsiness, forgetful, psychotic assassin...

Rosario Vampire. Moka + Mizore. She's a fan of CM Punk's "Grammer Slam."
So what? But, but, no one really cares. Because Wikipedia says so.
An alternate version of this comic I had Mizore saying "Hail Victory!"
In German.
I didn't feel all that well about that, so I decided to go with the Spaceballs reference instead


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