Mega Man 3. Dr. Light. Splash Woman. Auto Rightot.
Okay, I'm done ripping off a 13 year old comic. But I must say it is a comic worth ripping off.

Mega Man 3. Dr. Light. Splash Woman. Auto Rightot.
Not easy editing in facial expressions with heads turned to the side like that.

The Fox Tale Lilies. April and Bonnie the fox girls. Vixens aplenty. It's Toki Time. Toki Daisukino.
Actually it's called awayuri. That's what Google Translate tells me.

Rosario Vampire. Koko Shuzen. Lilith the mirror fairy. Rosenkreuzstilette. Luste Teuber.
Yes, I did make a whole version of Koko Shuzen.
Of the many things about the Rosario Vampire anime I didn't like was how
the way Koko's name was pronounced: Ko-ko-a. Her name is based on the drink
cocoa, but who pronounces co-co-a? Not even Tom Griswold does.


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